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Find confidence in your writing skills and start your book today!

I still remember how overwhelming it felt when I started the writing journey. It had always been my dream to write a book, but I had no idea how to start or what to do. I had ideas, but they were bouncing around my head without any clear direction. I joined groups, I read books on writing, and I asked a lot of novice questions. In other words, I did everything except for the one thing I should’ve been doing – writing.

In this course, I’ll take you through some of the things you need to know before you start writing, while you’re writing, and what to do once you’re finished. By the end, I hope you’ll be more confident to finally write the book you’ve always wanted to write.

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How does it work? 

✏️ Seven lessons.

✏️ Seven days.

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Day 1 - Find your unique voice

Day 2 - Find your ideal reader

Day 3 - How to structure your book

Day 4 - How to create memorable characters

Day 5 - The Just Write Strategy

Day 6 - Commit to a rewrite

Day 7 - What happens next?



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