30 Creative Writing Prompts To Get You Unstuck

Use these writing prompts to get you out of your writer's block. As with everything, practice makes perfect, and the more you write, the more you'll want to write. Use them at will, or dive right into a 30 day writing challenge.

Why should you do writing prompts?

The best way to get 'unstuck' is to practice. Having a guideline will help you get started, and then it's up to you where you want to take the story. You'll be surprised at how many great ideas can come from the art of simple freestyle writing. Some of your best novel ideas can come this way.

  1. Write a story about someone who comes across a mysterious door. Inside, she finds an abandoned library.

  2. Write about an old man who gets lost while walking to the supermarket.

  3. Write about a special bond someone has with an animal.

  4. Write an alternative ending for a book you love.

  5. Write about the first thing you see when you look outside.

  6. Write a story about a girl who finds an envelope with her name of it down a random street.

  7. Write about the moment all social media vanishes.

  8. Write about someone with the perfect life.

  9. Write about the most flawed person you know.

  10. Write about a sleepless night.

  11. Write a story about someone who cannot lie.

  12. Write about all the things you see around you.

  13. Write a story about what's in your fridge right now.

  14. Write about the perfect morning.

  15. Write about someone who finds a lot of money buried in their garden.

  16. Write a story that starts with the words: "I never thought I'd see you again."

  17. Write about the smell of coffee.

  18. Write about a character with no morals.

  19. Write a quirky story about friendship.

  20. Write about a woman on a reality show.

  21. Write about a crazy bus ride.

  22. Write about being a janitor in a museum.

  23. Write about the oldest café in the world.

  24. Write about a man who becomes invisible on Mondays.

  25. Write about the time you found out you were immortal.

  26. Write about a letter you discover that you wrote to yourself twenty years ago.

  27. Write about a woman who spent Christmas at the airport.

  28. Write about a babysitter who discovers something strange in the house.

  29. Write about someone who is caught shoplifting.

  30. Write a story about a fortune teller who sees too much.

It's best not to think too much before writing your stories. The point of this exercise is to find ideas, to figure out your style, and to inspire creativity. Some stories might be as short as a paragraph, others might be as long as a few chapters. You might even get so in it that you flesh it out into a full formed short story. Or maybe you'll use it for your next novel. The idea here is to get the brain working again, and to get you out of your creative rut. The only way you can get 'unstuck' is to get stuck into it again. The more you write, the more you'll want to write, and the more confident you'll feel.

And if you've written anything based off these prompts, I would love to read them!

Happy writing everyone!

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