How I Make Money While I’m Sleeping

Lot of initial work, followed by lots of income.

That’s an actual photo of me sleeping. Just kidding, I’m not that cute.

Making money while I sleep? Really? Do I sleep walk?

No, I don’t sleep walk (or sleep work?). I make passive income, although I do use that term lightly. Why? Because there’s nothing ‘passive’ about passive income.

What is passive income?

It’s a constant flow of money that requires little to no daily effort to earn. It the opposite of the more active income you earn from your regular day job.

One of my regular jobs is as a ghostwriter. I write the story for my client, send it off to them, and get paid. That’s it. I make no more from that job, and then I move onto the next one. That’s a regular job. Let’s take a look at my passive income.

How I make money while I’m sleeping

As mentioned, the word passive truly bothers me, because I put a lot of initial time and effort into the work. There are other ways to make passive income which might take less work, such as getting involved in investing in the stock market, trading assets, etc. But for me, I use my creative interests to make money.

1. I write novels. Ebooks, paperbacks, books for adults, books for children, books under a pen name, even a non-fiction book. These might have taken me a lot of time and effort, but once they’re online and ready for people to buy, I don’t need to do anything more than enjoy the income that comes from them. Just this morning I woke up to orders being sent out — which meant people had bought my books while I was sleeping.

2. I subscribe to some affiliate programs and include links in my blog. For example, if you buy something off Fiverr using my link, I get commission.

3. I sell posters. I love doing simple and fun illustrations, and while I do offer custom once-off images, I also have lots of posters up on my Etsy site which people can buy and print themselves.

4. I sell writing courses. I created two writing courses (more to be added soon) to help people with their writing journey. Courses are a fantastic way to make some money on the side and something I highly recommend.

5. I have a great email funnel which drives people to my website and gives people exclusives on things I offer. By signing up to my newsletter, people are given access to everything I do — and the first to get deals and offers. Don’t underestimate the power of a good email list.

My ‘passive’ income list is based off things I enjoy — so yours might look different.

Ask yourself this question: What can I make now that will continue to make me money later on?

Because I work for myself, having a constant flow of income means I can take time off from my regular day job and still have money coming in. Which is important when you’re a freelancer who doesn’t get paid when you take a vacation.

Make money while you’re sleeping by putting in the effort today!

I would love to hear what your ideas for passive income are, or what you’re already doing to make money.

Sweet dreams everyone.

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