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  • Christine Bernard

We’re All A Little Bonkers In Here

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

The etymology of the word bonkers

White dog wearng silly glasses
Yeah, he's bonkers

I wrote an article on the etymology of the word Tomfoolery. I love that word and wanted to know a little more about it. It got me thinking about the origin of other words I liked, and I knew I had to do one on the word: Bonkers. I’m not entirely too sure why, only that it’s a word that’s fun to say.

And fun words are my favourite words.

What is the definition of bonkers?

Bonkers means crazy or mad.

How to use bonkers in a sentence

“Why is she dancing like that?” he said as he points to a girl waving her arms on the dancefloor. “She looks bonkers.”

What is the etymology of the word bonkers?

According to— perhaps from earlier naval slang meaning “slightly drunk” (1948), from notion of a thump (“bonk”) on the head.

So, next time you see someone acting a little bonkers, imagine they’ve just been thumped on the head.


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