What is The Meaning of Life?

What is the meaning of life?

Woah. Big question!

Probably one of the biggest.

I posed this question to people aged 3 all the way up to 100 from people all around the world, and the answers I got were so interesting.

Some were funny:

"Nutella." - Keegan, Australia, age 5 (I have a feeling I would get on really well with this kid).

Some gave us food for thought:

"We live to improve ourselves as human beings, as people, as part of a community, and as a society, because by doing so we can hold a small part of a huge responsibility that must be handed down from father to son: a better future for mankind." - Cristiano, Italy, age 22

Some were uncomplicated:

"To be happy and enjoy the simple things." - Tim, Scotland, age 70

I loved putting this book together, and I feel like it will always mean a lot to me, for various reasons. 1. Because I truly believe that it's important to sometimes ask yourself the hard questions in life. 2. Because it contains an entry from my father, who sadly passed away that same year. How lucky I am to have a little part of him in my special book.

So, I'll pose the same question to you? What is YOUR meaning of life?


In these strange times of viruses, lockdowns, and the loss of freedoms we once took for granted, is it time to stop and think about the meaning of life? Inside this book are some funny, surprising, and thought-provoking answers from people, like you and me, aged 3 to 100. Buy your Kindle version here, or, if you're in Australia, get the paperback shipped to you directly from my publisher.

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