Judging a book by its cover.

They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but let's face it... we all do it. You get a few seconds to make a good impression, so you might as well do it well. I did a little internet digging for covers I liked, and I realised two things: 1. A cover shouldn't give you a false impression of what's inside. Fantasy books, for example, have a very specific look to them, and you should know know the genre immediately without having to read the book. 2. It's okay if a cover doesn't appeal to everyone - as long as you're targeting the right market.

In general, I don't like fantasy, and because of that I don't find the covers appealing. It's a matter of taste, and there's no right or wrong. Which lead me to the question - what covers DO I like? It didn't take me long to find a few that immediately stood out to me:

It's pretty obvious that I like covers that are sometimes simplistic, but almost always creative. I like covers that draw me in with their clever portrayals, and which immediately make me want to know more. I love the new 1984 cover as well as the new Jaws cover - they both find a way of saying so much without saying much at all.

Authors - Spend a little time on your covers. Make sure you're proud of them, and that they speak to the right audience. Ask yourself some questions: Is this is a cover that would make you want to pick up the book yourself? Would this book stand out in bookshop? Would this book stand out at a thumbnail size on a computer? Does this book suit the genre? And mostly . . . have fun with it!

Readers - I'd love to know what covers you love the most, and why!

I can't talk about covers without thanking my incredibly talented husband from Flat White Images, for creating the covers for my books. I love them!

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