My Arty Friends

When I'm not writing, I'm doodling. I love doing illustrations, but I'm limited in what I can do. I often get asked to do illustrations that are far beyond my capabilities, and I will never do anything that I know I can't do justice. My drawings are simple and fun, but if you're looking for something more detailed or realistic then I'm not the person for you. Art is subjective, and I might just not be the style you're after. That's okay. Thankfully, I have some very talented friends who can help when I can't. I'll be adding to this list whenever I think of someone new, but here is the start of the My Arty Friends list:

Megan Andrews - Megy Designs

Website | Instagram

Willem Myburg - Astrovix

Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Coral-Leigh Stuart-deLange - Charlie Foxtrot Illustrations and Charlie and Beastie

Charlie Foxtrot: Instagram

Charlie and Beastie: Instagram

Elizabeth Sparg Illustration

Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook