A letter to my son

We spend our lives trying to fit in. Then we have kids and we compare them to all the others. Is my baby sleeping as well as others his age? Is he too big? Too small? Too this, too that? Then we wonder why they grow up wishing to be like everyone else and wondering why they feel so different. But here's the thing... We are all different. Not one person is like another and that's okay.

Dear Tyler

May you never lose your sense of fun. May you always remember how much we love you. I hope you always stay true to who you are, and never change for someone else. May you strive for better things while still appreciating what you have. May you be good and kind. May you continue to laugh out loud and make everyone around you smile. If you're anything like your dad, you'll do just that. Be adventurous, be bold, be silly, be you.

You may be small, but you are everything to me.