Be Authentically YOU on Social Media

Algorithms. Shmalgorithms.

Life would be a lot easier if I focused on one thing in my career. If I was only an author, or only an illustrator. But that's not me. I have so many interests, and I get bored when I do one thing for too long. I even have different interests when it comes to my writing - I love writing contemporary fiction, but I also love writing something with a psychological twist, and then I also love writing children's books. I love drawing. I love crafts. I love food. I love animals. I love my family. I love it all.

The experts would tell me to either focus my energy on only one of those things. Or, if I can't do that, to have different social media platforms for each of them. Cleary, I'm not an expert. The only different social media I have is for my pen name, Grace Parks, where I write sweet romance. That's honestly all that I have the energy for. Sure, you might come to my Instagram looking for some information about my books, and feel confused when you start seeing my illustrations, and maybe that will scare you off or annoy you. I get it. But, as a human being, I have a lot of interests and I'm not just about one thing. And truthfully, I'd rather you get to know me as a person.

Heavily curated posts might be pretty, but they sure are dull. So, show me your true self. Let me know what you like, what you dislike, what you're reading, what you're working on. It doesn't have to all flow beautifully into one cohesive account. If it does, that's great. If it doesn't, that's great, too. Whether you focus on one thing, or many things, just find a way to make your online presence as authentically you as possible.

Because, really, life is too complicated as it is. And we're more than likely going to bond over you drinking that delicious cup of coffee you have to share with the world, or the animal or child that you want to show off, than a beautiful photograph. Mix it up a little. Show your work, but also show a bit of you.

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With that out the way, tell me a little something about you that your social media might not always portray...

And ending with this picture of my sweet little boy for no other reason than I love to show him off...