Hi, I'm two.

When my son is old enough to talk in sentences, I want to write down some of the things he says. Maybe one day I'll even turn it into a little book for him. Right now, he's almost two years old, and while he knows quite a few words already, he's not able to communicate effectively. It's a tough age, and his emotions are all over the place. I have to constantly remind myself that all of this is a phase, and that all he wants is love. This is how I imagined his diary would go...

Dear Diary...

My daddy is in the kitchen doing something he calls 'the cooking'. I ask my mommy to put me on the counter chair so I can watch. She stands so close to me in case I fall, which I won't. My daddy takes eggs out of the fridge and I get so excited. I yell "Eggs! Eggs!" and say "Please" because I know they like that. But they say I can't have any because the eggs aren't cooked yet. I don't understand because I thought the cooking was what daddy was doing. I say please again in case they didn't hear me the first time, but they keep saying no. But the other day I ate an egg and they clapped and said I was a good with eating. I want to make them happy again, but they keep saying no. I cry some more and mommy takes me off the chair in case I fall. But I won't.

I don't understand what's going on anymore. The other day I climbed on the table and mommy laughed so much. I like it when she laughs. But then I did it again at something called 'The Restaurant' and I got into trouble. There is a gate in front of the kitchen to stop me from going in. Only mommy and daddy can go in. I want to look inside the fridge because it's fun, but they say no. One time a cake came from the fridge, but now when I ask for cake they say I can't have one. Why am I allowed it one day and not the other?

There is so much I don't understand. Mommy is always telling me I'm not a baby anymore, but then sometimes she kisses me and says I'll always be her baby. I don't know what I'm supposed to be.

I have something called 'The Big Emotions'. But it's hard not to cry when you don't have the words. Mommy and daddy are my favourite people in the whole world. Maybe one day we'll understand each other more.