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How it works:

1. MUST INCLUDE: You (or, even better, your child) chooses five things to include in the story. Examples: A stuffed toy named Henry, a red bike, a certain best friend, etc.

2. THE STORY: I then write a 500 word fun story around with your child as the main character, with those five elements included.

3. THE FINAL PRODUCT: Choose between two options:

Digital: Your story, including an illustration based on it, is delivered to you via email. You will receive the image and the illustration in both square and A5 jpg formats. Price: $50.00 (AUD)

Print: Receive your illustration in a square 10cm x 10cm frame, and your story printed on plain paper. Price: $80.00 (AUD). $12 standard delivery fees to anywhere in Australia.

Please note: Illustration is ONE image on a white background.

PLACE YOUR ORDER BY SENDING AN EMAIL TO christine@christinebernard.com


Personalised short stories for kids, including one illustration based on the story.