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10 Funny Words To Add To Your Vocabulary

The funniest words to say out loud, and what they mean.

I love words. They have the power to make you smile, laugh, cry, and think. And some words, well… they simply sound hilarious to say out loud. Try sprinkling a few into your conversations to see if others notice.


For all the runners out there, this word probably sounds normal to you now. I remember the first time someone told me we were going to do some farkleks. I stared at them in confusion, “We’re going to do what?!” Fartlek is the changing of speeds in your training session — so perhaps going from sprinting to jogging to walking, and back to sprinting again (there are many versions of fartleks). My three year old would probably love saying this word.


I’m bumfuzzled on a daily basis. Are you? Bumfuzzle means to be confused and flustered. This definitely needs to make a comeback. Not only is it fun to say, but it’s fun to type out, too. Bumfuzzle.


There is a lot of taradiddle online these days. The word means either a fib, or pretentious nonsense. Another fun word that means the same is balderdash.


This word is fun to say, fun to type, and fun to look at. The next time you go to a crowded place with a lot of noise, instead of saying, “What’s the commotion about?” rather say, “What’s all this hullaballoo?”


If you told me you had the collywobbles rather than a stomach ache, I’m not sure I would take your symptoms that seriously. Try telling your doctor this next time you’re in for a visit.


You’re a flibbertigibbet if you don’t take things seriously enough. A person who is too talkative and flighty can be referred to in this way.


This is a rather bodacious list — meaning, it’s good and impressive. In use since the 19th century, and still popular today, it’s one that’s fun to say and easy to understand.


To move quickly or run away. I would far rather tell someone to skedaddle, then I would to tell them to go away.


Finally, a word for nothing at all. “You know bupkis about what it’s like to run a marathon.” Personally, I feel like I know bupkis about most things in life.


I’m definitely going to start using this one. This is the term used for small items, especially gadgets, where you have forgotten its real name. “Can you pass me the doohickey to fix the hinge on this gate please?”

Well, I’m going to skedaddle now.

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