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Avocados Do Look Like Testicles

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

The etymology of the word avocado

Hands holding avocado cut in half
Hmm, why yes, I see the resemblance

First off, I want to say sorry. You might never look at avocados the same way. I know I won’t.

I wrote an article on the etymology of the word Tomfoolery, and the etymology of the word bonkers. Now, I present to you — AVOCADO.

I love avo. I eat it often. I make guacamole with it. I have avo-shaped earrings and pj’s with little avocados all over it. But enough about my weird obsessions.

Let me tell a little more about this fruit.

What is the etymology of the word avocado?

Are you ready for it?

The word avocado actually comes from the Spanish word aguacate. But when we take that word back, we find out that it comes from the Nahuatl word ahuacatl, which means… wait for it… testicles.

I was surprised until I really thought about it. I mean, I get why they were named this...


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